617 Dayton St., Suite 2
Edmonds, WA


Seattle, Bastyr University, and Edmonds

The Seattle region is perfect for a homeopathic school. Known for its progressive outlook, the community boasts numerous licensed and certified practicing homeopaths. A spectrum of homeopathic medicines for acute care can be found in most of Seattle's major supermarkets and in many specialty stores.

Edmonds FerrySeattle has historically been a west coast mecca for homeopaths and their patients. Bastyr University has trained NDs in integrative homeopathy since its founding in Seattle in the '70s, and the International Foundation for Homeopathy made its home in Edmonds for many years, bringing world-renowned homeopaths to its outstanding case conferences.

Occasionally our classes are located in the Wallingford district of Seattle, as well as in beautiful Edmonds, on the Puget Sound waterfront a short drive north of Seattle. During breaks, students are free to explore this delightful town, home to an independent movie theater, a seasonal farmer's market, lovely parks (including an underwater diving park), the Edmonds Performing Arts Center, a waterfront hotel, and several fine restaurants. Or they may simply enjoy views of snow-capped Olympic Mountain peaks across the shimmering water.

Our Foundation and Second Year classes are held at Bastyr University. Between and after classes, our students can enjoy meals at the delicious vegetarian cafeteria, can buy homeopathic books at the student bookstore (Saturdays only), and can enjoy day use of Bastyr's extensive natural healing and homeopathic library, as well as homeopathic computer programs which are loaded onto computers on site. Students can also enjoy hiking the extensive network of trails in beautiful St. Edwards State Park, walk Bastyr's beautiful herb garden, and can find inexpensive, on-site dorm room accomodations through Bastyr's conferencing services.

Our Acute Care Classes are held at the University House in Seattle's Wallingford District. clssroom is bright and spacious, and a short walk from many fine restaurants.

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