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Announcing: Low Cost Homeopathy Clinic--Patients Wanted

The Seattle School of Homeopathy—Washington’s first and only licensed career school in homeopathy—offers a low cost homeopathy clinic the second weekend of each month starting in January 2011. Clinic will be held at the Evergreen Center for Homeopathic Medicine in Edmonds. Well-trained student homeopaths will conduct homeopathic interviews with volunteer patients, and select the most suitable homeopathic medicine for each case-- all the while being closely supervised by extremely well qualified, experienced homeopaths who are also licensed health care practitioners.

We are seeking individuals who would like to volunteer for this excellent opportunity to be seen by a qualified homeopath. Volunteers will pay only $35 for the initial two-hour visit, and $25 for each one-hour follow up visit. Patient will also pay $10 for their homeopathic remedies. This is a great opportunity for people who have heard of homeopathy’s benefits in both acute and chronic health issues, and have wanted to try it, but could not afford it until now. Children and adults are welcome to become clients of this professionally supervised, low-cost student clinic. Your first visit will involve approximately 2 hours on a Saturday or Sunday. Clinic takes place the second weekend of each month starting in Jan. 2011.

Homeopathy is the fastest growing, and second most widely used, system of healthcare in the world. It is a 200 year-old therapeutic method, which is gentle and non-toxic. It is believed to work by stimulating the patient’s own body/mind to heal itself. Homeopathy has an especially impressive and well-documented record in the treatment of epidemic diseases—as demonstrated in the great flu pandemic of 1918. There are hundreds of double blind clinical studies—and millions of satisfied clients worldwide-- demonstrating the effectiveness of homeopathy.

Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer patient should contact clinic coordinator Lucy Vaughters, PA-C, CCH at 425-672-4485.
Visit us on the web at www.seattleschoolofhomeopathy.com

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