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Clinical Training at SSH

What is The Seattle Homeopathy Clinic?

Seattle Homeopathy Clinic (SHC) is a low-cost outpatient homeopathy clinic, which serves as the clinical training arm of the Seattle School of Homeopathy. It is staffed by highly qualified licensed healthcare practitioners/homeopaths, who closely supervise each student's work.

Who may apply?

SHC provides outstanding clinical training to qualified students who have completed 300 + didactic hours at SSH. Qualified students who have received 300+ hours training at other programs may apply, as may students who are in the process of completing their second year at SSH; preference is given to qualified SSH students.

What Type of Clinical Credit does SHC provide?

The Council for Homeopathic Certification (CHC) requires 250+ hours of supervised clinical training, as well as the completion of 10 supervised clinical case write-ups. Each 6-weekend session of SHC training provides 75 live clinic hours, as well as the opportunity (at an additional cost) to complete the CHC requirement of 10 supervised cases and/or receive up to 50 additional clinical hours.

What makes training at the SHC unique?

Unlike most other programs, in which students watch a patient's case being taken "theater-style", the Seattle Homeopathy Clinic training features closed-circuit technology, so that the volunteer patient can have her case taken with the feeling of privacy—as in actual practice. Clinic enrollment is limited to eight students, to maximize individual attention and patient safety.

Who are the instructors?

Our clinic supervisors, Nancy J. Mercer, ND and Lucy Vaughters , PA-C, CCH, are very experienced and qualified homeopaths and teachers. Dr. Mercer has been the core homeopathy clinical instructor at Bastyr Center for Natural healing for nearly a decade, and Lucy Vaughters (founder of Seattle School of Homeopathy) has been in clinical practice of medicine since 1984, specializing in homeopathy since 1991. Lucy is a licensed, board-certified Physician Assistant, who is also board certified in homeopathy, and Nancy is a licensed and board-certified Naturopathic Physician.

Location and times:

All clinical sessions take place at the Evergreen Center for Homeopathic Medicine in Edmonds.
Clinic runs from 9-5 daily, one weekend per month.
Clinic dates fall usually on the first weekend of the month.
Consult SSH website for exact clinic dates.
Persons interested in becoming patients at SSH's low-cost student training clinic should call or email SSH director.

Tuition and credit hours

Cost of 6-weekend series: $1700 plus $100 deposit= $1800.
Cost of single weekend (on space available basis)= $325.

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If you are interested in becoming a patient, click here.