1124 6th Avenue S.
Edmonds, WA

About Seattle School of Homeopathy

StudentsWelcome to The Seattle School of Homeopathy! Established in 2007, SSH is Washington state’s first and only licensed career training school in homeopathy. Our mission at SSH is to train students to use homeopathy more effectively in the world. At SSH,

ALL Seattle School of Homeopathy programs are currently on hold, as we search for a qualified new Buyer/Director. Click in "For sale" link in sidebar for more sale information.

At SSH, we have offerings for every background and level of homeopathic student.

Beginning students may opt for:
Intermediate and advanced students may choose from a menu of short-term seminars , including:

Clinical-based training and hours: qualified students may choose from

Graduation Requirements

Please note: A diploma from SSH does not constitute a license to practice medicine.
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"The Comprehensive Program at SSH is one of the most outstanding educational experiences I have ever had."
--Abby Petty, academic counselor, UW

"This is my dream school!"
-- Mishka Morris, Licensed Massage Therapist

"This school has exceeded all of my expectations!"
-- Mona Hall, Caregiver